Traveling In Japan – The Best Places To See

When the country of the rising sun (we mean Japan this time, not its western neighbour China) has a spring weather, with their cherry trees called sakura blooming across the cities, it is marvelous! But what about traveling a little bit off the beaten road to some odd nee places? From Japan’s neon-painted cities to its...

Traveling In Sweden – The Best Places To See

Just confess, when you think about Sweden as a traveling destination, nothing besides their (perhaps too) famous capital city of Stockholm comes to your mind, right? Which is so unfair to all the beautiful lakes, rivers and the rural countryside of the country, which can easily rival neighbouring Norwegian fjords!

In Search Of The Best Gelato Ice Cream In Rome

While thinking about the eternal city of Rome does not immediately bring you association with the ice cream, but rather a Colosseum and Vatican, still, this is the trendiest sight in the modern-day city, really! When it comes to the job of finding the perfect place for dessert, I take my work very seriously.

Paris: The City of Love

Paris. Poets, artists, playwrights, writers, journalists, statesmen, and more have all written about it. All came to Paris and walked away in love. It’s hard not to fall in love with Paris. It’s a magical place, and I can see why so many flock here. Paris exudes culture, sophistication, and style.