Colonias Condesa and Roma nighlife and culinary tour with mezcal

Discover 2 of the most popular areas of Mexico City: colonias roma and Condesa. Hop into some of the top spots, experience the food, nightlife and try mezcal, a popular local drink which is the tequila of Mexico City!


Part of Itinerary

This tour is part of Itinerary. You have to meet us at the meeting point where members of our staff (Interacctours Mexico City) will be waiting for you. Go to Itinerary here.

Colonias roma and Condesa

Colonias Roma and Condesa are trendy hot spots in Mexico City. The architecture of the buildings is well known, and both areas are home to some of the most popular restaurants and bars in Mexico city. The tour takes you to the hot spots of both areas. This is a walking tour and includes drinks and food which will be selected by our staff for you to try. You can of course let us know if you have any dietary requirements. You will also try our local drink, mezcal.

Tour information

This is one of our most popular tours, we offer this as a group tour and also as a private tour (upon request). For the group tour we meet a at meeting point. This is a tour for all ages.